A Program Designed by a Mother and Certified Fitness Professional 
for Women Who Embrace the Benefits of Working Out at Home 
30 Minute Beginner Exercise Sessions in Each State
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Jenny's carefully designed movements work all planes of the body to improve your ability to move quickly and easily.
  • Increase Your Power to Move
  • Improve Back and Spine Health
  • Reduce Risk of Injury
Enjoy a greater ability & capacity to problem solve.
  • Reduce Anxiety 
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Depression
Feel powerful and confident in yourself. 
  • Improve Heart and Lung Capacity
  • Build a Stronger Core 
  • Maximize Brain Function
Master Instructor Jenny Ford
Participants are drawn to Jenny's authenticity. She's a mom of four boys and has dealt with a life-long anxiety disorder, as well as the Epstein-Barr virus that kept her in bed off and on for two years. Mental illness and its many struggles are close to her heart. Consistent exercise is what pulled her through many life challenges. 

Workout Programs with Jenny will encourage self-compassion and a "no-shame" approach that inspires participants to honor their bodies and take care of themselves so they can be there for the ones they love. All of her workouts are created to help increase strength, stamina, and keep the body strong in order to exercise long-term, with no jarring movements on the joints and muscles.  

Jenny is an ACE certified Health Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, she's working towards her Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Teacher Training and is currently working on her master's degree to become a Marriage and Family Therapist.
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"No shame just encouragement."
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8 Weeks Postpartum
"I love this program! 30 minutes of me-time every day."
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Building Endurance
" You get a great workout every single time."
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"I no longer take any blood pressure or diabetic medications."
~Shell B.


⚪ FIFITY - 30min. Sessions
This one-of-a-kind exercise program includes 50 full-length thirty-minute workout sessions filmed in beautiful locations all across America to help bust boredom. Finishing each state will give participants 3900 Steps, or 2 miles of calorie-burning fitness. Jenny's scientifically designed workouts will work participants in all planes of motion in the body to give a well-balanced total-body workout every session. Moves are driven by music and modifications are provided for beginner to advanced participants to make the workouts best suit your needs. Want to kick up the heart rate with higher intensity moves? Join Jenny for cardio power bursts throughout each section of the workout. Low-impact options are always offered. 
⚪ Magnetic Map Success Tracker
Stay motivated as you track your progress with a foam core magnetic map of all 50 states across America. 
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This picture has such meaning for our family and brings me to tears. It took us 7 long years to finish filming workouts in all 50 states for the Walk and Step Across America Program!

7 years ago we took our four boys on the longest road trip of our lives, driving from Utah to New York and back. We stopped along the way to film workouts in some of the states and the Walk  Across America Program was born.

When we returned from that trip, I got super sick with a "mystery illness" (we now know as Epstein Barr) that kept me in bed for 2 years. Once on my feet, my husband's mother was shockingly diagnosed with cancer. It was our honor to help care for her until she died. Then we helped care for his father who died from Lewy body dementia two years later.

We did manage to film in more states before the global pandemic struck. Once the states reopened this past summer, we managed to finish filming workouts in all 50 states. While in Alaska, the 50th state we filmed in, our oldest son started to have a psychotic break. Once home he was admitted into a short-term mental hospital and was diagnosed with emerging schizophrenia. At the beginning of this year, he took his life. It has been a devastating blow! We appreciate each of you who have helped lift our hearts at a time no parent would ever want to face!

Being physically fit through all these challenges has made all the difference both mentally and physically.  As we travel down our own road in life, these workouts will help give us the health, stamina, and wisdom needed to face any difficulties we cross. 

We dedicate this workout program to our son Clayton, and all of our boys who have been there from day one. In this picture, you can see the magnetic fridge map of the USA. It has little pictures of all the amazing locations we filmed in each state as a family. It was quite the experience to get here, and we are honored to have you join us on our journey as we Walk Across America together.

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This Program Will Change Your Life
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Club 50 - Ford Family
As a family, it took us seven years to complete filming the workout program Walk Across America. We logged over 8,762 miles, stayed in over 50 hotels, and received one speeding ticket. Each state offered its own unique experience. Below is our account of where and what we experienced in each of the 50 states across America, along with a few traveling tips. 
Oftentimes while traveling we would ask our followers on Facebook where interesting places to film were in their state. The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was recommended in Mobile, Alabama. This was a perfect location, as it was right off Interstate 10. We were there in December and the heat and temperature were rather impressive. The park is privately run and funded. Permission was granted to us to film on the site. The staff was so friendly, we thought we would get an eye roll or “here we go again” or “no, it’s private property”. Instead we found warm loving people willing to help. The only request they made is if we made a lot of money on the project, maybe think about making a donation to the park to help preserve it.
The site is very impressive and welcomes hundreds of thousand visitors each year.  
While we filmed the workouts the kids explored the battleship and waved at us from the bow of the ship. If you look closely during the workout you can see them. 
Getting into Alaska was quite the ordeal. At the time we went Alaska required anyone who wanted to enter the state to prove that they tested negative for COVID19 within 72 hours of the test. In Seattle, we were tested.
We wanted to spend a few days in Alaska. After flying into Anchorage we had a little bit of trouble renting a car because we only had a debit card. We found a hotel close to the airport and for dinner two nights in a row we ate at the TOZAI Japanese Restaurant. They had the most delicious salmon sushi! A friend who was from Alaska recommended a place called Portage Glacier. It was about a 1.5-hour drive one way. We had no cell service once we were there. After scoping the perfect scenic spot, we decided we needed to head back to Anchorage Home Depot where we bought supplies to construct a little platform to stand on for the workouts. With Alaska’s late sun hours, we set up to film and about 10 pm and finished at about 11:30 pm. We had all our kids there, except for one who had to fly home early for work. There was almost no one else there because of COVID.
If it had business as usual, we would have never been able to film with such an unobstructed view. Though Alaska is the 40th workout in both the Walk and Step Across America Programs, it was actually the last workout we filmed. A lot of tears were shed when we wrapped filming because it meant we had made it to all 50 states. We didn’t understand it at the time, but our oldest son began to have a psychotic break on this trip. His behavior was pretty unsettling, and we were very worried about him.
We made a day trip as a family to film in historic, breathtaking, and spiritual, Monument Valley. Despite living so close, about a 7 hour drive, this was our first time visiting. WOW! This location should be on everyone's bucket list. Ultimately one of the pictures was chosen as the cover photo for the workout program.
Many times participants have asked if this location was done on a green screen, but no, it was filmed on location at a place called John Ford’s lookout point. Tyler, my husband got a master's degree in film from the London Film School and one of his professors loved classic John Ford movies so it was a treat for him to see all the locations.
The park is maintained by the Navajo Nation Indian tribe, and it has a real tangible feeling of peace and tranquility. We happened to drive our pickup truck to the location and we were glad we did as the roads were a little rough to drive in. We kept our dog close to us as there were many stray dogs roaming around the area.
As Jenny worked out we could hear Native American chanting music with drums, which seemed to connect us to the Great Spirit. It was a long hot day and plenty of sunscreen was used.  
We flew into the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Littlerock, Arkansas around noon. Our plan was to film around 2 pm, be done by 4 pm, and head on to the next state. So it was a bit of a whirlwind trip. We filmed around Thanksgiving time, all the fall leaves were gone and it was a bit brown. We settled on filming on the banks of the Arkansas river with Junction Bridge and the cityscape in the background.
Given the time of year, it was pretty quiet on the banks of the river with the exception of an overzealous speed boat owner who kept revving his engine in the background. He would smile and wave at us; what a friendly fellow. During the workout, you will hear and see this happening in the background. We had to do some clever sound design in post-production to make the audio work.
The area we filmed in had many people riding bikes, walking and running. It was easy to picture the parks loaded with people in the summertime. Our youngest son enjoyed throwing rocks in the river and our teenager stayed in the car on his gaming system. At the end of the workout, we headed out on Interstate 40. 
We were able to film in two locations in California. Walk Across America was filmed on a beach in Malibu right off of historic highway 101. It was a road and location with a lot of energy. As we filmed the workout, there were different cars of men that would drive by on the highway, catcalling loudly in the background.
California is one of the first states we filmed outdoor workouts in, and it was here that we began to formulate the idea of doing workouts all across America. We had our baby with us because he was still nursing. It was March and quite chilly, the perfect weather to workout and sweat in. Filming at a lower elevation of 105’ was heavenly compared to the 4450’ elevation we live in. As a family, we love the ocean! It is one place we try to get to for family trips whenever possible. 
We filmed at the Colorado National Monument in Fruita, Colorado near Grand Junction. It was a four hour drive from our hometown. We left early and got there by lunchtime. Colorado has many different types of beautiful landscapes. We ate a picnic packed lunch on some picnic tables, then scoped out a gorgeous location on red rocks with a cliff drop behind of about 600 feet. The elevation was between 4700’ to 7000’. It was pretty warm for September. The winding canyon drive was incredible and a little scary at times when you could look out the passenger side of the car at 1000’ dropoff.
Once we set up to film, other tourists showed up and were hoping to get a nice picture right where we were filming. It was very picturesque where we laid the mats. Thank goodness for the mats. They took a little edge off filming on uneven rocks. Once we were done filming, we drove four hours back home. Jenny started to get used to traveling sitting in sweat! Colorful Colorado left us breathless with its beauty. 
We filmed in New London, Connecticut with the Thames River behind us, as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful spot at the golden hour. We were rushing to finish the two workouts, Walk and Step, before the sunset. At this point in our journey, we had 9 states left of the 50 to film. We drove in and out of Connecticut rather quickly.
If we wouldn’t have been in such a rush to get to the next state we would have driven to New Fairfield, where Jenny lived for a few years at age 12-13, but it was almost 2 hours west of where we were, and we had to get to Rhode Island to film the next day.
There were a few protests going on in the main town square, due to the George Floyd murder and Black Lives Matter, and we had police cars circle around a few times as we were filming. We wondered if they would shut us down, but they didn’t. It was always tricky to film workouts on the road, as it was difficult to find bathrooms at times, and Jenny had to stay super hydrated in order to film. 
We filmed in front of the Amstel House built in 1730 in historic New Castle. We’d love to come back and visit New Castle someday again. It was super muggy and Jenny was drenched between takes and tanking down the Powerade. Beautiful buildings surrounding the area were built between the 1700s-1900s. Every year the home owners open their historic houses to the public for tours, given its history.
The mat was set up on a brick pathway that was super uneven. There weren’t many people out and about as the state had just reopened a few days before from Covid. The streets were narrow and very charming with tall oak, maple and beech trees. The old colonial style homes made anyone feel at home. Our only regret was that no one popped out of their house and offered us some cornbread and ale. We had hoped to film on some beachfront property but after an hour of searching the charm of New Castle won us over. 
After paying the hefty fee of $1 we entered the magical land of Pensacola via the Pensacola Bay Bridge. As we climbed in elevation over the toll bridge the most prominent feature to see was the Pensacola Beach water tower. It looked like a giant golf ball teed up for hitting. Maybe something Paul Bunyan would take a swing at. It was so great to have GPS and get a feel for what this truly magical Island had to offer.
We were there in December and easily found access to the beach. We were offered the most beautiful gift. A golden sunset in December. Given this was our first time in Florida we had no idea how special this moment was. It rained the rest of the time. After spending all of 10 minutes in Pensacola we canceled our hotel plans at another location and booked a room at the Holiday Inn. We stayed on the 10th floor with a view of the ocean. It was AMAZING and reasonably priced. The beaches were so unique, the sand is like powdered sugar in both feel and look and the ocean was aqua blue.
We shuffled a few things around and gave ourselves another day to enjoy the beach. In the morning and at night we would collect little white seashells. Our youngest child really enjoyed this, and the shells now sit in a beautiful glass bowl on our mantel in our home to remind us of the wonderful time spent in Florida.
Before arriving in Pensacola, we put out a call to any participants who would want to join Jenny on the beach to film both the Walk and Step workouts. Three amazing ladies responded and were able to film with us that day. They were so loving and down-to-earth and were excited to help us in our journey across America. It was such an amazing experience to work with them.
Once again we made a trip to the local Home Depot and picked up big mats we could place on the sand for the exercisers to work out on. The filming day was overcast with a little drizzle. Jenny used her laptop to play a beat track to keep everyone on tempo and had to wrap it in plastic.
We ate at Flounder’s Chowder House one night. It came highly recommended and was worth the price tag for the meal. It was packed full of people, and super yummy seafood.
One night we met up with some friends for ice cream. They have since opened up a cookie franchise in the area called Crumbl Cookies.
To our children's disappointment, we managed to find a church to attend on Sunday. It is always such a neat experience to sing and worship with like-minded people so far away from home.
We will treasure our time in Florida. What a wonderful state!
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